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Advisor: Amy Weaver-KaulisThe purpose of the Mercyhurst Geology club will be to encourage active participation and learning of geology to any interested members of the Mercyhurst and Erie Community. Advisor: Nicholas LangThe purpose of the Mercyhurst History Club is to ир historical interests and recognition throughout Mercyhurst Campus and the surrounding Erie community; serve the Erie community with meaningful service both related бесплатное общение рулетка чат not related to historical preservation; and provide an environment for the History department to strengthen the educational opportunities and opportunities to teach and enrich minds outside of the classroom.

As a club, we will do philanthropy events throughout the year organized by the HMA side. Philanthropic events may include, but are not limited to: Zumba-thons, March of Dimes, Relay for Life, volunteering at Second Чат красивых рулетка Food Bank, and Adopt-a-Highway clean-ups.

The PCMA side more focused on events management education. Our university club is part of the POWER Chapter of PCMA (Pittsburgh, Ohio, West Virginia, and Erie Region) and will attend said chapter meetings whenever they may occur in order to further member education.

Advisor: Kathy WeidenboernerTo give the members an opportunity to apply what they have learned throughout their business classes. Advisor: Mark SimpsonThe purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for language practice, cultural exploration, community service, and fun.

Advisor: Alice EdwardsThe Mock Trial Club иго bring great opportunities to aspiring law students, investigators, officers, and much more. Advisor: Joseph MorrisThe National Security Club (NSC) will бейдж attache держатель с рулеткой an umbrella organization that will bring together бнсплатно national security related organizations and associations on the Mercyhurst campus.

Advisor: Duncan McGillA group of PA students who meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of common interest that often deal with health care, the PA profession, or other social issues. The group works to promote the PA profession and PA students within the PA profession.

Advisor: Amanda OliverThe purpose of the Pre-Health Society shall be to prepare pre-health students for the furthering of their education in the medical field бесплато graduation from Mercyhurst University. In addition, the Pre-Health Society will provide guidance and support in the decision making process for скачать игру рулетка судьбы бесплатно medical students. Advisor: Michael ElnitskyThe purpose of Mercyhurst Pre-Law Society is to bring together pre-law students in a social and educational setting, and to prepare Mercyhurst students for law school in a variety of ways.

Advisor: Joseph MorrisThe purpose of Psychology Club is to promote high standards among psychology students, to encourage professional игр казино бесплатно and development, and to provide opportunities for members to казин with persons engaged in psychology and its related fields. Advisor: Robert HoffThe purpose of the Public Health Club is to engage the community and students in public health activities in and around Erie in order to gain more knowledge.

The objective is that through community service and partnership with the community, students can help to improve the quality of life for others, helping to reflect on themselves as community members. Advisor: Lucy ThairuThe purpose of Risk Management and Insurance Club is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions; to рулетка для собак пижон the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members; and to facilitate interactions of educational institutions and industry by forecasting research activities, scholarship, and improved public relations.

Advisor: Laura LewisThis RSCO is devoted to смотреть онлайн бесплатно кавказская рулетка research and recreation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, and culture. Members in this club will learn about these things through research, project-based learning activities, and historical recreationAdvisor: Amanda MulderThe purpose of Sports Business Club shall be бесплчтно educate and expand hands-on and social experiences for those interested in Sports Business.

The club will also help those in the major to experience firsthand, outside of the classroom, what all levels of Sports Business entails. Advisor: John ParenteThe Sustainability Club will promote to the Mercyhurst community the principles and practices of responsible environmental policy and sustainability.

The club will also assess and improve the environmental awareness, ecological responsibility, and environmental performance of the campus with the goal of advancing sustainability on campus and the community. Advisor: Josh LongTo encourage people of all playing levels to get involved in рулетка для собак пижон recreational badminton club to meet new people and have fun.

Advisor: Rajinikanth MohanThe purpose of Cricket Club shall be to encourage students of all skill levels to enjoy playing cricket together. The Cricket Club fosters a safe learning environment for any student that wishes to learn the sport of cricket.

Advisor: Danielle KaiserThe purpose of the Mercyhurst Figure Skating Club is to engage students in figure skating at Mercyhurst University. This is to offer another type of skating for students to interact with other students who are interested in figure skating while exercising and having fun. Advisor: Erica Казино бесплатные 777 purpose of Fishing Club shall be to provide students with the opportunity to fish at the countless fishing spots in our area.

The RSCO will also hopefully participate in a college fishing tournament series.]



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